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Interview Tips

Preparing for the interview:

  • Do your homework! Research Elections Ontario. Learn more about Elections Ontario by visiting our website at
  • Research the position for which you are applying. Visit About the Positions to review the job-related qualifications and specific skill sets required for the position.
  • Get familiar with video conferencing by practicing with friends. Learn how to position the webcam, how to adjust your microphone, your speech speed and remove anything in the background of the room that can be distracting for the panel.
  • Be aware of the time and date allotted for the interview.

Conduct a self-evaluation:

  • Prepare for the interview by matching the job-related qualifications and skills sets to your experience. Create a list of work/volunteer experiences and education history/credentials, matching the skill sets required for the position to these experiences. Include the dates of prior employment/educational history in your list so you can recall them in the interview.
  • Assess your strengths, weaknesses, skills, work and volunteer history, and interests. Plan how you will demonstrate your ability to be successful in the position in consideration of your assessment.
  • Practice communicating your top skills to an interviewer. What can you bring to the position that others can’t?

General Tips:

  • Dress appropriately for the interview in business professional attire.
  • Practice the interview with someone else; develop a list of potential interview questions and practice communicating your answers.
  • Review your past experience and qualifications.


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