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Resume Writing Tips

Resume Writing Tips

The selection process for the Returning Officer and/or Election Clerk position is based on a merit system. To be considered for a position, you must submit a detailed resume outlining how your experience and skills match those required by the role.

Below are some tips for you to consider as you finalize your resume and cover letter for submission:

  • Clearly list your name, address, phone number, and email address on the top of your resume.
  • Identify the position and electoral district you would like to apply for in your cover letter and/or resume.
  • Customize your cover letter and resume to the qualifications outlined in the job ad. Ensure that you are concise and clearly communicating how your skills, knowledge and experience best meet the qualifications needed to do the job. Refer to the job ad, job description, and About the Positions section for a complete list of skills sets required for the position and tailor your resume to match these skills based on your past experience.
  • Don’t just list previous employers and job titles in your resume. Provide a description of your tasks and duties for each position held that you list in your resume.
  • Showcase your electoral experience and knowledge of the electoral district(s) for which you are applying.
  • Ensure all spelling and grammar on your resume is correct. Check spelling using a spellcheck tool. Have someone review your resume to identify any errors.
  • Please click here for additional resume tips.

Other Important Tips

Choose an Electoral District – We are currently recruiting for electoral districts located across the Province of Ontario. Please refer to the list of the electoral districts and vacancies on the Locations of Vacancies page to determine which electoral district you would like to be considered for.

Pay attention to the specific application instructions noted in the job ad and be sure that you submit your application by the closing date. We will accept applications until 11:59 pm EST on the closing date.

Apply to the position by following the directions on the job ad. Go to How to Apply for detailed instructions and to access the application form .

Monitor the website for status updates.  Continue to monitor the website for updates on the status of the recruitment process. Only selected candidates will be contacted to move forward in the process. To view a timeline of the selection process, please visit the Steps in the Selection Process  page.

For help accessing information on this site, please call 416-237-1500
(1-866-598-1500) or email